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Jo Richmond

Centre Director


My name is Jo Richmond and I am the director here at Wattle Road Early Education Centre. I come from a corporate background, spending many years within accountancy and internal audit, managing a team of staff and liaising with businesses to assess their risks and help build solutions to potential problems.


It was only when my eldest son was born that I stumbled across childcare and became fascinated by children’s learning and development, especially in the early years. This lead me to do my Early Childcare Teaching degree, which has only flamed my interest and passion regarding early childhood education.


I am originally from England but have lived in many different countries but have now been in Australia for 15 years and it has become my home. I live nearby, with my husband and our 2 sons who attend the local school and really enjoy the close-knit community that we have become members of over the past few years. I love to cook and spend as much time as possible with my family and friends, but I am also really enjoying working here at Wattle Road and becoming part of a new community, getting to know the staff, parents and of course the children!


My personal philosophy on early childhood education is vast and grows / evolves all the time, but it can be summed up as;


“Children’s natural curiosity and innate capability for learning and developing, will ensure they become successful and confident individuals, but only if they are given the appropriate environment for this. It is our job as educators to provide the nurture, support, guidance, activities and resources, to allow children’s discovery of themselves and the world around them to translate into positive emotional, social, physical and cognitive development.”