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Ms Nicky

Room Leader


My name is Ms Nicky, and I am the Jumping Jacks room leader here at Wattle Road Early Education Centre. I have been an Early childhood educator for 7 years. Most recently I had the opportunity to teach in an Australian International School in Singapore for 2 years. I had the privilege to be mentored by a Head Master who is the author of many books on education, and the recipient of an OBE for his time and dedication to education.


As a teacher of early education, I feel that it is important to establish an environment where children can build trust and grow confident. Children should feel happy, safe and connected to the people around them.  They should feel valued and have a voice that they know is listened to. Children should feel comfortable to explore the world they live in and encouraged to have new ideas, to reflect, problem solve and learn skills for life, not just today.


I believe that children should find their own path to learning in an environment that supports their emerging autonomy, while offering extensions of learning when appropriate.


I believe in working with the family and respecting cultural diversity. I value any input from the family regarding any decision making that involves the children, from my room programs to the management of the centre.


I am now living back on the Northern Beaches in Dee Why with my husband of 21 years and 19 year old son Sam and 15 year old son Jack. I enjoy cooking and reading and walking my beloved Bulldog, Barbra!