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Ms Sepideh

Room Leader


My name is Ms Sepideh and I am the teacher of Dancing Dolphins’ room (3-4 years old) at Wattle Road Early Education Centre. I am originally from Iran but I moved to Australia with my family 10 years ago. I myself have 2 children, a daughter age 15 who is at year 10 and a son age 22 who studies Civil Engineering at UTS. I have always tried to be a good mother as well as a good guidance for them.


When I arrived at Australia, I had a dream of being a teacher as my passion is learning and teaching. The first step was starting the course of English for Further Study. I completed the course in 2009. In 2011 I completed Certificate 3 in Children’s services by Advanced standing. In 2013 I completed diploma in Children Services. In January 2017 I graduated from Charles Stuart University in Bachelor of Education (0-5). I’ve now been working in the Early Childhood field for 8 years.


I believe learning is happening all the time and is interlinked through all developmental fields.  I believe each child is unique, has different interests, backgrounds, and developmental stages and the environment plays a major role in the success of an early childhood program.  I also consider families a vital aspect of my program.