Our Philosophy

  • Children

    The first five years in a child’s life are the most crucial for laying the foundation for future development. We respect that childhood is a journey of discovery and exploration, whilst also being a time to learn and experiment about life and the world. Children learn through their experiences with play, self-independence, social interactions and imitating others. Therefore the environment, which we aim to provide, will stimulate their curiosity, provide independence and expose children to a strong emphasis on demonstration and role modeling. We believe that all children have the right to equal opportunities regardless of culture, religion, gender, socio-economic backgrounds, special needs or abilities. We will provide a friendly environment that respects all children and reinforces and extends children’s home experiences that encourage the development of their self-concept through inclusive practices.
  • Families

    Wattle Road Early Education Centre  is committed to provide open two-way communication and continual support to all families. We actively seek involvement and participation from all families, ensuring a partnership that will further enhance the development of all children. This partnership consisting of management, staff, communities, families and children alike to work together as decision makers across all areas, whilst respecting each family’s individual cultures and beliefs.  Wattle Road Early Education Centre will actively seek community support, resources and information via two-way communication and decision-making.

  • Staff

    Staff at our centre are viewed as facilitators of children’s learning, where learning experiences provided challenge children’s curiosity and thinking. These experiences provide equal opportunities for all the children within the centre. Staff are encouraged to endorse further training and professional development whilst working as a team. They abide by and implement the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics, Education & Care Services National Law and National Regulations, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the service’s policies and procedures, whilst using a positive approach to guidance and discipline.
  • Programming

    As research has proven that children learn through their play experiences, we understand the importance of providing a stimulating curriculum based on interests and emerging interests. We cater for all learning styles, abilities and needs. The environment and objectives are systematically evaluated to ensure that they are child centred, based on individual and group needs. These are developmentally and culturally appropriate. Programming involves a team approach where all staff and parents provide input into the overall growth and development of the whole child. Our centre aims to provide a high quality child care centre that focuses upon an anti-bias approach to education and care for all children and their families.

“A life-long love of learning begins in these foundational years, together we will create this journey to inspire every mind and explore every opportunity of learning!”

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