Our Values

Our objective is to collaborate with parents and the greater community to ensure that you and your child feel properly equipped and supported on their journey of learning and discovery from infancy right through to into Primary School and beyond.

We achieve this through providing innovative, world class, functional and inspirational early learning environments for children to safely play, develop and learn through enriched and meaningful learning experiences; enhanced through our custom designed play and learning environments – all strengthen your child’s perceptions of themselves and the world around them.

Each age group’s space has been constructed with our five fundamentals of learning in mind:

  • An environment that enhances exploration, discovery, curiosity, positive social interactions, self-confidence and autonomy.
  • clean, healthy, hygienic, safe and secure environment for all children, families and staff.
  • Activities that extend the overall development of the child (physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language, sleep, rest, good nutrition).
  • Experiences that stimulate learning and understanding of the social and cultural rules by which we live, and values and attitudes that promoted sustainability and environmental learning.

Everyday your child will have the opportunity to learn through play as they participate in the following activities:


  • Construction with a variety of manipulative materials

  • Expressing their creative abilities through paint, dough and other resources 


  • Dramatise and socially interact with others in different dramatic play set-ups

  • Enjoy quiet concentration and language learning with books, stories, puzzles and other cognitive resources

  • Interact with sports and outdoor activities to develop large muscle control and co-ordination

  • Enjoy music and movement

  • Participate in problem-solving and mathematical games using up-to-date digital media and technology

  • Environmental learning and sustainability through interaction with animals and nature

  • School readiness which focuses on ensuring children are emotionally and socially ready to transition to school

  • There is also a strong emphasis on language, letter and number recognition as well as maths and science concepts

We record and document each child's interests, interactions and development in an individual portfolio that you keep once they leave.

These portfolios are journals of your child's days at the service and contain photos, samples of work and professional interpretations and observations of your child's progress.

You will see that every day, your child has numerous oppotunities to learn through play!