Broad Goals of the centre 

We are committed to ensuring that each child is supported to reach their full potential. We aim to do this by providing a quality educational program delivered by passionate educators in an environment that is inclusive, warm and secure for your child. 


Wattle Road Early Education Centre aims to provide:

  • An environment that enhances exploration, discovery, curiosity, positive social interactions, self-confidence and autonomy.
  • Experinces that stimulate learning and understanding of the social and cultural rules by which we live, and values and attitudes that promoted sustainability and environmental learning.
  • Activities that extend the overall development of the child (physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language, sleep, rest, good nutrition).
  • Healthy relationships that promote love, security and socialisation between the children and staff.
  • A clean, healthy, hygienic, safe and secure environment for all children, families and staff.

  • A service to parents and the community which reflects their needs and priorities e.g. anti bias curriculum, multicultural program and inclusion of all children.
  • Quality partnerships between staff and families.
  • To provide continual support to all families.
  • To provide teaching strategies that include role modeling, scaffolding and positive behaviour guidance whilst treating all children equally.
  • To provide children with staff that are highly motivated, loving, caring, qualified and who take active steps to further their training.

“For learning to be truly engaging and meaningful, the learner must own it.”

(Jones, Evans & Rencken, 2001)

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